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Peter Cottontail: The Movie

The year was 1971. It was Easter. You were watching yet another holdiay special, looking forward to when you could afford a TV with a remote control. Peter Cottontail came to town, and you were there. You watched the Rankin & Bass puppet animated TV movie, with Danny Kaye as the narrator, Vincent Price as the villain Irontail, and yes, Casey Kasem as the hero, Peter Cottontail.

Well it's not 1971 anymore, except for in those hip stores on Melrose.

This spring, through the magic of COMPUTER ANIMATION, comes the sequel to this classic TV chestnugget, and baby, it ROCKS.

Tom "I'm Spongebob" Kenny as Peter Cottontail
Tom "I'm Peter Cottontail" Kenny as our new hero, "Junior Cottontail"
Roger Moore as Irontail
Christopher Lloyd as the Narrator
Molly Shannon as the ice queen Jackie Frost

Oh yea, and art direction by the same guy as "Nightmare Before Christmas"...
Prouded by from one of the producers of "Toy Story," and "Toy Story 2"...
Ya get it? This is top-drawer!

And not to mention Gore And Lombard.com's writing contributions to this boffo family film.

Peter Cottontail: The Movie should have a place on YOUR seder table next Passover.