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Thank you for visiting GoreAndLombard.com, the online company devoted to fine ANNIE NOMINATED cartoon writing, that packs a meaningful Envionmental Media Award WINNING message for today's cartoon customer. As an up-to-date internet e-business, GoreAndLombard.com wants to be cutting edge, high-tech, and super neat-o. How we doin' so far?

Our regular customers VALUE just how little money we'll accept; and the fake smiles we exhibit, while falsely flattering those whom we must. Our specialty is in the area of taking ANY PAY for ANY WORK, doing lots of free rewrites, and giving out the phone numbers of other writers you might want to try instead of us.

If you really must contact us, "click here" (WARNING: popup contact form to follow):

For professional inquiries, please contact:
Aaron Berger
3427 Overland Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Together with our e-customers, GoreAndLombard.com is determined to build a better tomorrow, one cartoon script at a time.

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