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Four kids, three days, two nights, one great animated sitcom.    Don't have The Disney Channel?  No problem?  "Disney's The Weekenders" runs in a never-ending tape loop on Toon Disney (that's a different channel).

If you're a huge fan, just like the dozen or so people I found on the internet, sign a petition to demand Disney make more episodes of this show that has been out of production for two years.  Please click HERE

Cynicism is against company policy here at GoreAndLombard.com, but honesty is perhaps our best policy.  To the young fans of this show, a note: "Disney's The Weekenders" is never coming back.  Never, ever, never, never, never, ever--not as a movie, not as a special, not as a direct-to-video DVD.  Sure, we would love it if it would, but it's just NEVER going to happen, okay? Seriously, trust us. 

Enjoy the reruns, they are all you have.